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"Aircraft Damage" is a song by Arf & Omega with The Singing Lawnchairs, originally written for inclusion in the Vileness Fats film project and released on the Santa Dog EP in 1972.

In the film, it is a chant invoking Weescoosa, the mystical Indian princess, to appear and rescue the town of Vileness Flats from an attack by the Bell Boys.

It has since been reissued a number of times on various compilations, including ERA B474 in 2012 and Greatest Hiss in 2013.

Lyrics Edit

Arf & Omega: Weescoosa! Weescoosa!
Arf: New Mexico delivers --
Arf & Omega: Weescoosa!
Omega: But the message must be anyway;
Arf: Adenauer's gilded flower's towered over me for years,
Omega: But now I need a new excuse;
Arf & Omega: Weescoosa! Weescoosa! Weescoosa knows the way!
Arf: She'll free that tree strewn river gravy --
Omega: Rushin' down the animal death knoll stream;
Arf & Omega: Feeding mouths with wings of trouts and wheeling trays of peppered snouts
Arf: To inside civil eyed horny totin' baking pies;
Omega: Eyes are big for what they wait.
Arf: They stand on backs too weak for stakes
Omega: The game will have to change before the effervescence is real.
Arf: And I don't even care!
Omega: Oh boy! Hamburgers... Mayonnaise... Mustard... Kicking cats and Vileness Fats 
for caviar --
Arf: Do you ever?
Omega: Do you ever --
Arf & Omega: Wonder who you are?
Omega: Well, kick a cat --
Arf: Kick a cat --
Arf & Omega: Kick a cat today!
Omega: Fish are dumb --
Arf: Pluck an eye from one!
Arf & Omega: Kick a cat, kick a cat, kick a cat today; fish are dumb, pluck an eye 
from one!
The Singing Lawnchairs: 
Kick a cat
Kick a cat today
Kick a cat
Kick a cat today
Weescoosa knows the way...

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