Rushing Like A Banshee is a 2016 7" single by The Residents, in support of their 2017 album The Ghost of Hope. The single was co-produced by Eric Drew Feldman and was released by Psychofon Records.

History Edit

Following the end of the Shadowland tour in 2016, The Residents regrouped and came up with The Ghost of Hope, a concept album detailing the dangers of train travel through historically accurate examples.

To support the release of this album in 2017, the group released Rushing Like A Banshee on Psychofon Records in a variety of special limited editions, including an objet d'art train wheel edition. The title track is an excerpt from the album track "Death Harvest", but the B-side "Train vs Elephant" is only included on the CD version of the album as a bonus track.

The single features Nolan Cook on guitar, Carla Fabrizio on backing vocals, and Eric Drew Feldman on keyboards, bass and computer.

Track listing Edit

  1. Rushing Like A Banshee
  2. Train vs Elephant

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