The 12 Days of Brumalia was an "internet event" in 2003 and 2004 by The Residents, featuring the release of thirteen newly recorded tracks on the group's official website. All thirteen tracks would be compiled into an official CD release on Ralph America in 2004.

History Edit

For 12 days, starting on December 25th 2003, a new song was posted on along with an illustration and a quote. To close the Brumalia event, on the 13th day, The Residents presented the epic musical work, "The Feast of Epiphany".

Homer Flynn of The Cryptic Corporation has stated that "the Brumalia songs were a present for those who visited the site every day. It is not for those who didn't. It is not a gift for the world. Think about it, the Brumalia songs would still be on if we wished to have them shared. They should not be archived and shared."

The thirteen tracks were compiled into a CD release later in 2004, and were reissued alongside the 1993 EP Prelude To "The Teds" in 2014 by MVD Audio.

Track listing Edit

  1. Day 1 (4:27)
  2. Day 2 (2:54)
  3. Day 3 (2:13)
  4. Day 4 (3:01)
  5. Day 5 (2:21)
  6. Day 6 (1:55)
  7. Day 7 (2:12)
  8. Day 8 (3:39)
  9. Day 9 (2:04)
  10. Day 10 (2:56)
  11. Day 11 (2:54)
  12. Day 12 (2:35)
  13. The Feast of Epiphany (5:46)

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